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Sites By Me

Aside from my personal website, here are some website I've designed or developed on my own. Click an image to see a functional website. Want a custom website? Shoot me an e-mail to get started.

Diesel's Artistic Creations' online store built with Woocommerce, using a pre-made Wordpress theme.
Website for the movie "Wrong". I designed this in Photoshop and developed it with the program Hype, as well as hand-coded HTML5 and CSS. The top banner includes animating car and clouds.
Fictional e-commerce website for a vintage toy business. I did all of the design and development.
E-mail blast for Diesel's Artistic Creations. Designed and coded for the web with Photoshop.
A PHP Wheel of fortune game, for a intro to PHP college course.
www.MyTutorGuide.com, a fully functional, mobile friendly website for UCF students to find tutors, and vice versa. I designed the logo, as well as the CSS of all pages.

Other Sites

These are some websites I've developed or designed while working at while working at Scientific Marketing Studios:

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